I’m Champ.

  • 10 years in the industry.
  • Working from anywhere and travelling the world with my family.
  • Dropped out of college when i almost complete my Bachelors Degree in Information Technology in MSEUF. I had to finish our thesis project “Parking Space Availability Detector( using a CDR-King Camera) “ to make my thesis mates passed into the graduation day – glad they did, along with the rest of my circle of friends who i helped with in college.
  • I came back to college in 2018. Dropped out the 4th time.
  • A Lead Product Engineer at Ultimate Member. I maintain and develop the core plugin to serve more than 100,000 active sites as well as maintaining and developing new Ultimate Member extensions and custom plugins.
  • A Senior Engineer at Sagacity.Care where I develop personal health information and care coordination platform.
  • I’m a Top Rated Developer in Upwork.com because I made them wealthy.
  • I was a creative partner of Dot.PH and gave away more than 100 dot PH domains for FREE. Here’s why: DotPH Tax evation case.
  • I’m a fan of Free and Open Source projects. I contribute codes in Github.com